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Nintendo of Japan announces DS Web browser, TV antenna

Nintendo of Japan announces DS Web browser, TV antenna

At today's DS Conference 2006, Nintendo of Japan took its biggest strides yet toward unseating the Sony PSP as the handheld choice for multimedia with the revelation of two major new additions to the DS's repertoire: touch-screen-based Web surfing and a TV tuner. Even though the text is completely Kanji-fied, the images released by Nintendo still provide plenty of information. On the second-to-last page of the conference summary, the Web service is revealed (Opera) as well as a mock design of how it will work, with the touch screen displaying the page in full and the top screen serving as a magnification device.

Moving along to the last page shows the potential design for the TV tuner--can you say obstructive?--as well as some images in action. As you'd probably expect, the top screen displays the program while the bottom one acts as a rudimentary remote. Dang--I thought it'd let me draw myself into an episode of 24.

There's no information right now regarding implementation of either service outside of Japan, but we will be sure to update you with new info as we attain it.

Source: Nintendo of Japan via Kotaku.