Ninja Loop: The best 6 bucks you can spend on your smartphone?

Attach this handy strap to your existing smartphone case and presto: easier one-handed gription.

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Rick Broida
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Last year a startup called Loop successfully crowdfunded the Petite Loop, a clever little wrist-strap designed to work with nearly any smartphone. I gave one to my mom, and she totally digs it. Sometimes the simplest accessories are the best.

For an encore, Loop just introduced the Ninja Loop, another simple-yet-dig-worthy accessory. This stylish satin strap works with nearly any smartphone case to allow for easier one-handed operation.

Indeed, if you own a larger phone, you know your thumb isn't nearly long enough to reach all the corners. There are a smattering of specialized cases, as well as bulky plastic add-ons, that aim to improve the single-hand experience, but the Ninja Loop doesn't require abandoning your preferred case. Nor does it add any weight or bulk.

Instead, you stick one end of the strap to the inside of your case, then feed it out the camera hole, down the back side and back in through any available opening in the bottom. The other end affixes to the inside of the case, same as the first.

These two ends rely on strong adhesive to provide the necessary tension, yet I had no trouble peeling up one end to adjust the fit -- and it left behind no residue. Then you just slip a couple fingers in between the strap and case and presto: a solid one-handed grip. Added bonus: you're less likely to accidentally drop your phone.

The Ninja Loop comes in a variety of colors, and the company offers custom designs as well as "awareness" loops for fundraising. Thankfully, it's not ridiculously overpriced: a single loop costs $5.68 (US), and if you order at least two, shipping is free.

It's a little early to be talking about stocking-stuffers, but this would certainly be an ideal candidate. As it stands, it's a great little accessory for anyone seeking an easier way to grip a big phone.