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Nexus S £120 price drop undercuts iPhone 4

Google's Nexus S is one of our most-wanted phones, and now it's even easier to get your hands on after Carphone Warehouse slashed its price by £120 before it even hit the shelves.

The Nexus S, the latest mobile phone from Google and our December Editors' Choice, has slashed £120 from its price tag -- even before it's gone on sale.

Carphone Warehouse, which is selling the phone exclusively in the UK along with its mothership, Best Buy, has cut the price from £549.99 to £429.99. If you've already pre-ordered the phone, don't fret -- you'll be paying the new, lower price, too.  

The Nexus S won our hearts with its unique curved screen, which looks stunningly bright and sharp. We also love its powerful Android operating system, which is all the more crave-worthy because it's the latest 2.3 Gingerbread version. And because it's Google's own baby, untouched by any manufacturer's custom tweaks, you're likely to keep getting updates before anyone else, future-proofing your geek bragging rights.

The Nexus S has 16GB of memory built in -- and no memory card slot to increase it -- so it's going head-to-head for your pocket money with a 16GB iPhone 4. That will cost you £499 unlocked and SIM-free from the Apple Store, so the price drop takes the Nexus S from being the pricier option to significantly undercutting the iPhone's figure.

You can also pick up the Nexus S for free on a £30 per month contract from O2, Orange, Vodafone or T-Mobile from Carphone Warehouse.

Google had earlier claimed the Nexus S would be in the shops on 20 December, but Carphone is hedging its bets by saying the phone will arrive by the end of December. You can pre-order the phone now from the Carphone website.

Even if you do rock up to a C-Dub store on the day it arrives, however, the company warned us that there will be "limited stock" in the UK, and only at about 100 of its "key stores". 

The rest of Carphone's shops will be taking orders for in-store delivery. If you're upgrading your phone to a Nexus S, you should call the sales line on 0800 925 925.