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Nexus One Desktop Dock now available

Google releases a $45 desktop dock for its Nexus One Android phone.

Sick of seeing your poor Nexus One lie almost lifeless on your desk or constantly having to wake the phone to check the time? Well, now you can prop it up and display the sleek Android phone in all its glory with the new Nexus One Desktop Dock. Similar to the accessory for the Motorola Droid, when the smartphone is docked, it will display the time, any alarm clock settings, and weather. In addition, you can view slideshows, and a 3.5mm-to-RCA audio cable is included if you want to connect the dock to your stereo and listen any music stored on your phone.

The Nexus One Desktop Dock, which will also charge your phone, is available from Google now for $45. You can buy it separately or bundled with the phone.

(Source: Engadget Mobile)