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Nexus One beaten to a pulp in Google's behind-the-scenes video

Google has released another instalment of its behind-the-scenes Nexus One videos -- this time showcasing the aggressive testing procedures each phone must undergo

A start-of-the-week treat for iPhone fanboys -- Google has released a new entry in its series of behind-the-scenes Nexus One videos, this time featuring the search giant's smart phone being squeezed, dropped, bent and subjected to several other flavours of abuse.

This being a Google production you won't get to see the phone actually splinter and break -- frustrating stuff considering that CNET UK's resident Nexus One managed to self-destruct last week without the help of any industrial equipment.

The video, pointed to by Engadget, showcases the rigorous testing procedures that manufacturer HTC puts the Nexus One through. These ensure it's not going to detonate next to your pretty face, or set fire to your trousers as you stroll jauntily around town.

Our favourite is the 'tumble test' -- a long metal tube attached to a motor, which flings the Nexus One from one end to the other. There's also an impressive 'button testing' facility, which features rows of machines endlessly pressing the phone's trackball, to simulate an entire lifetime's worth of use. (Surely a violation of robot-labour laws?) Check out the video itself below: