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Nexus 7 sold to a few lucky punters by mistake

A few lucky droidies have got their hands on the Jelly Bean-powered Nexus 7 tablet after resellers naughtily flogged them ahead of time.

The feverishly sought-after Nexus 7 isn't yet officially on sale -- but it has begun to appear at resellers eager to chase early adopters by breaking the on-sale date, possibly mistakenly, possibly on purpose.

The Verge managed to get their hands on one of the 7-inch tablets from Adorama in Manhattan before Google requested a halt of all sales. UK droidies were able to nab one from Ebuyer, until the listing reverted back to pre-order status, now promising the device to be available as of 19 July.

Those who managed to buy the Asus-made device before listings were altered now own a Nexus 7. (I'm very, very jealous.) It would seem deliveries are being processed for the originally promised date, some as early as today, according to BGR.

This means we can soon expect to see many more reviews of the device popping up around the Internet written by ordinary punters -- if you've got one, please do write a user review on our Nexus 7 page.

As for us, you can expect the full CNET UK review early next week.

Google Play orders remain undispatched, apparently shipping in "about 1-2 weeks" as resellers are the only stores to have sold the device too early.

The Nexus 7 was announced in late June with a truckload of exciting features, including the new Jelly Bean software, Google Now, a 1,280x800-pixel display, and a beefy Tegra 3 processor. Its buzz has much to do with its impressively low price tag, which analysts reckon is costing Google a pretty penny.

Did you buy one of the pre-pre-order devices? Or are you going to wait for more reviews, or hold out for the Kindle Fire 2? Or maybe (whisper it) go for an iPad mini? Tell us in the comments below or on our Facebook page!

Image credit: The Verge