Nexus 5: The likely price, specs, camera tech (video)

CNET ponders what Google has in store for its next Nexus and considers whether it will have the low, low price that made the Nexus 4 such a success.

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When it was first glimpsed, the Nexus 4 looked pretty similar to other smartphones -- quad-core, with a high-res display and a decent camera, and the latest version of Android chucked in for good measure.

What we weren't counting on however was the simply astonishing $299 price, which let smartphone owners working on a budget acquire a phone that was every bit as capable as the Samsung Galaxy S3, but cost half as much. A lack of LTE was painful to bear, but at this cost, who could complain?

Now we're standing on the prow of the good ship Speculation, gazing toward a bright horizon and wondering what's to come in the Nexus 5, which is likely to be released later this year.

Hit play on the video above to hear our analysis, and what we expect the next Nexus will bring to the party in terms of possible screen tech, processor, and camera tricks.

We'll also take a look at whether the Nexus 5 will have the same bargain price, and what the future holds for raw-Android phones. With Samsung and HTC increasingly focusing on heavily modified, bespoke interfaces, will the Nexus soon be the only way to get a taste of "vanilla" Android?

Watch the video, and let me know what you'd like to see from Google's follow-up, as well as which manufacturer you think should build it. Are Samsung and others drifting away from Android? What would that mean for the world of smartphones? Have your say in the comments below.