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Nexus 5 price, specs and camera tech investigated in video

Will the Nexus 5 be as cheap as the Nexus 4? That's just one aspect of Google's next Nexus we endeavour to uncover in this video.

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What mysteries will Google's next Nexus phone hold? And more importantly -- will it be as cheap as the Nexus 4?

That's just one facet of the so-called Nexus 5 we're asking about in this video. Hit play to hear an expert's view on the all-important price, a best guess at the phone's key specs, and some intriguing hints concerning future camera technology.

We'll also be asking what the future holds for Google's upcoming own-brand mobiles. With Samsung and HTC making their phones look less and less like vanilla Android, will Google's option stand out as the only 'true' Android smart phone out there?

Google has everything to play for, having blown our socks off with last year's Nexus 4. As well as performance that outpaced heavyweights like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and cutting-edge Android software, the fourth Nexus phone carried a £239 price tag that made it more than twice as cheap as rivals such as Apple's iPhone 5.

That's an astonishing price, and Google's online Play Store was quickly raided by Android fans on the hunt for a bargain, leaving the search giant facing serious supply problems.

What do you want to see in the Nexus 5? It's nigh-on certain to be powered by Android 5.0, colloquially known as Key Lime Pie, so what new software treats are you hoping Google will debut? Finally, what do you think the future holds for Android? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.