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Nexus 4 sells out across the globe

Google's online sales strategy seems to have paid off at last, with the Nexus 4 smartphone selling out quickly in key regions around the world.

Joseph Hanlon Special to CNET News
Joe capitalises on a life-long love of blinking lights and upbeat MIDI soundtracks covering the latest developments in smartphones and tablet computers. When not ruining his eyesight staring at small screens, Joe ruins his eyesight playing video games and watching movies.
Joseph Hanlon
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Google's online sales strategy seems to have paid off at last, with the Nexus 4 smartphone selling out quickly in key regions around the world.

The sought-after Nexus 4 smartphone. (Credit: Google)

The phone went on sale in Australia first, and the 16GB model sold out within the first hour. Stock of the 8GB variant lasted longer, but the status of this model changed to "coming soon" by lunchtime.

Sales kicked off in the UK and the US overnight, with both regions also selling out quickly. All stock in the UK was spoken for after only 10 minutes, while stock in the US lasted for a similarly short period of time, according to our US counterparts.

This left eager would-be customers empty handed, and with little indication of when new stock would be available. We sought a response from Google in Australia, but received only the following reply:

"The Nexus 4 is sold out in Australia. Keep checking the Google Play website for more info about availability!"

Sales for the new Nexus 10 tablet also began yesterday on the Play Store in Australia, and similarly the larger 32GB tablet is also sold out.