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Next iPhone to get 4-inch screen and new dock connector?

The next iPhone is said to be longer, with a bigger screen, thinner and sporting a new dock connector.

Now the Samsung Galaxy S3 has arrived, we have to look elsewhere for super smart phone excitement. With perfect timing arrives some rather detailed rumours and mock-ups of the next iPhone, which is said to be longer, thinner and sporting a new dock connector.

iLounge reckons the new iPhone -- or iPhone 5, but we thought it would be called that last time -- will be longer than the current model and 2mm thinner. It reports the new size will be 125mm by 58.5mm by 7.4mm.

That elongated screen -- 4-inches corner to corner -- would change the aspect ratio of the display, which would be a first for the iPhone. Turn it sideways and you'd have a more widescreen feel for games and movies.

The extra height of that display relative to today's models would have an effect on apps, as app developers would suddenly have to adapt to a different screen size.

The rumoured new iPhone also adds a flat metal panel to the back. It doesn't stretch to the ends of the phone -- probably to allow radio signals from the antenna to escape. If true, the design harks back to the silver and black metal back of the very first iPhone, all those years ago.

And finally, a new dock connector appears in this design to fit the thinner frame. It has fewer pins and isn't as wide -- instantly rendering every existing dock, charger and cable obsolete. It still isn't micro-USB -- the standard charging connection for all other phones in Europe -- but Apple isn't likely to care much about that.

Do you reckon Apple should change the aspect ratio of the iPhone? What do you think of the metal back and the changed connector? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.