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Next-gen Samsung Galaxy Tab could dual-boot Windows RT

Samsung reportedly prepping a 12-inch tablet experience that boots both Windows RT and Android.

The 2014 line of Galaxy Tab may feature Android and Windows RT.

The 2014 line of Samsung Galaxy Tabs could dual-boot Android and Windows RT, according to a new report.

Microsoft allegedly asked both Samsung and Huawei to consider loading the OS onto Android tablets and smartphones as a dual-boot option.

Samsung has reportedly begun development on a 12-inch tablet with a very high-definition display; those who claim to have spent time with the device say it works quite well.

The news comes quickly on the heels that HTC may also be considering integrating Windows Phone into future smartphones alongside Android. Microsoft, obviously desperate to expand its mobile market share, is said to be dangling a carrot that waives licensing fees and includes compensation.

If the rumor of a dual-boot Samsung Galaxy Tab sounds like a reach, consider the original source (Hint: translate from Russian and search for the heading "Masterstroke Microsoft to increase sales Windows Phone / Windows RT").

Tech writer Eldar Murtazin's name has popped up on more than one occasion as being credible. He was, for instance, one of the first to break the news of the new Nvidia reference tablet. On the other hand, not every "leak" is viable, and not every source is correct (Murtazin also incorrectly reported plans connecting Windows Phone and Windows RT in Windows 9).

In other words, hold tight while we wait to see what happens.