Next-gen next June for iPhone?

Reports from the United Arab Emirates on the arrival of the iPhone 3G seem to suggest that the next generation of Apple iPhone will be with us in June

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Richard Trenholm

Nothing winds up the rumour mill like a new Apple product, and rumours are circulating that the next-generation iPhone 3G will arrive as soon as June this year.

A June release date for the next-gen phone was reported by Business24/7 while covering the 15 February launch of the current iPhone 3G in the United Arab Emirates, with carrier etisalat. It claims that "the next version of the device, which is due out in June, will be launched in the UAE at the same time."

It's unclear what 'next version' means. Will we finally see copy and paste? Media messaging? Video? Proper Bluetooth, even?

Before we get too excited, it's possible we could see a simple capacity increase. Business24/7 is reporting that the existing 8GB model will be available in black in the UAE from February, alongside a 16GB in black or white. There's no suggestion yet whether the 8GB model will be dropped, or whether the rumoured new version will include better Flash support. Fingers crossed.