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New version of Sony's SonicStage software available now

New version of Sony's SonicStage software available now

Last night, Sony made available for free download version 4 of its much-maligned SonicStage software. The software adds new features, including compatibility with the upcoming NW-A1200 series and its "intelligent" playlist capabilities, as well as a security patch from Gracenote CDDB. Sony highly recommends that SonicStage users at least install the security patch.


  • Now supports AAC: Import, playback, and transfer of tracks in AAC format (3GP, MP4, and M4A files).
  • Connect Radio: Streaming music 24/7 with an easy click-to-buy feature
  • CD playlist burns: Now you can burn up to seven regular CDs of any playlist.
  • Artist link: Display and play tracks by all artists in an artist link group.
  • Background image: A background image can be added to the SonicStage CP software.
  • NW-A-series support: Supports intelligent shuffle, artist link, release year search, auto rating, and other intelligent features of the NW-A-series Network Walkman players.

Sony's e-mail announcement included some details regarding the security hole:

Recently, a security vulnerability has been found associated with the Gracenote CDDB (CD Database) service utilized by certain Sony software applications. The Gracenote CDDB lookup service provides information such as artist, title, tracklist and other music-related information in software applications. This "buffer overflow" vulnerability could allow an attacker to load malicious code onto a user's system and then execute the code.

As of the date of this update, neither Sony nor Gracenote has received reports of any customers being adversely impacted by this issue. However, we take all security issues very seriously. If you use any of the Sony music management software listed below (e.g., in connection with a VAIO computer or with a Walkman portable music player), we recommend that you download the Gracenote Update and install it on your PC.

This issue only affects the Sony software products listed below. Other Sony software products that utilize the Gracenote CD database lookup features do not contain this security issue.

Affected products:

  • Sony SonicStage 3.3 and 3.4
  • Sony Connect player; versions lower than 2.0 (for Canada only)
  • Sony SonicStage Mastering Studio 2.1.00, 2.1.01, 2.2.00 or 2.2.01