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Snapchat's new lenses could animate the world around you

The social network is reportedly upping its filter game to include landscapes.

Snapchat might be adding to its collection of lenses.
J. Emilio Flores, Corbis via Getty Images

For those unsatisfied with the ability to turn their faces into dogs, aliens and giant strawberries, Snapchat's arsenal of reality-altering lenses might expand into landscapes.

Snap is working on an updated lenses that work with environmental elements in the real world, The Information reported Wednesday. A user could point their camera at a location and get an animated overlay that interacts with what's actually there.

Snap didn't immediately respond to a request for comment as to when it could roll out the new filters. The report said the feature is being tested internally.

Snapchat's already started playing with overlays on environments via its world lenses, which let users flip to their rear camera to see animations like floating hearts or flowers. These new lenses are supposed to be more advanced, and the report gave the example of being able to put a blimp in the sky.

In the same way that Snapchat offers the ability to sponsor filters -- in May, a Taco Bell filter turned faces into tacos -- this feature could also create another option of advertisers, the report said.