New Sennheiser Sport True Wireless Earbuds Add Fins, Ship May 3

These are Sennheiser's first true-wireless earbuds to have fins to help you get a secure fit for sporting activities.

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The Sennheiser Sport True Wireless buds are available for preorder now.

Sennheiser keeps rolling out new true-wireless earbuds. While the company's new flagship Momentum True Wireless 3 buds are due to be unveiled in the coming days, it today officially announced the new Sport True Wireless Earbuds. Available for preorder now for $130 (£120, AU$200), they ship on May 3.

The Sport True Wireless are essentially the CX True Wireless ($130) with sport fins and better durability. They have an IP54 rating that makes them splash-proof and dust-resistant. The CX True Wireless (IPX4) don't offer dust resistance.

These aren't noise-cancelling earbuds but they do have an awareness mode that allows ambient sound to leak into the buds so you can hear what's going on around you for safety reasons. They use Bluetooth 5.2 and have support for the AAC and AptX audio codecs. Battery life is rated at up to 9 hours at moderate volume levels with an additional two charges in the charging case (there's no wireless charging).

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The Sport True Wireless appear to employ the same Sennheiser 7mm TrueResponse drivers found in the CX Wireless and noise-canceling CX Plus true Wireless ($180), both of which sound quite good for their prices. You can also adjust EQ settings in the companion app for iOS and Android to tweak the sound profile.

The does not feature wireless charging but comes with a lanyward.


The only issue for some people may be the size of these earbuds. Both the CX Wireless and CX Plus are on the larger size and do stick out of your ears a bit (and may not fit some smaller ears).

No word yet on how many microphones the buds have for making voice calls, but if the performance of the CX True Wireless is any indication, these should be good but not great for voice calling.

We'll have a hands-on review in the coming weeks. 

A view of the fins from the interior side.