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New report takes wind out of Samsung Galaxy Alpha sails

After months of rumors placing the Alpha above the Galaxy S5 in the Samsung food chain, the latest suggests that it'll be more midrange after all.

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha (right) figures to be smaller than the Galaxy S5. SamMobile

You know that old saying about how things that sound too good to be true probably are? It appears that may be the case for the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Just yesterday, a supposed leak pointed to a superpowered metal-clad phone that would best the Samsung Galaxy S5 flagship. Today, Samsung-watcher SamMobile suggests that the forthcoming handset could have midrange specs after all.

Instead of the beast with the 2,560x1,440-pixel resolution display and the latest processor technology we heard about, this contradictory report suggests a 4.8-inch display with a 720-pixel resolution, which is on par with the Galaxy S3 .

Strangely, the Galaxy Alpha could still include 32GB of internal storage but eschew the option for external storage cards. An alternate version of the device could include support for an LTE-Advanced data connection; pictures from earlier this week purportedly show the phone with the Korean LTE-A logo on the rear.

New images of a device that could be the Galaxy Alpha seem to confirm the phone's rumored "premium" construction. An aluminum trim can be seen in a number of images, yet the design does not stray far from the Galaxy S5 -- even down to its signature dimples on the back cover.

This makes a certain amount of sense. It would be awkward for Samsung to introduce a new "flagship" model right now to battle the Galaxy S line. While other companies are now fighting over the $100-to-$200 price range, going ultra-expensive with a more premium model might not be the wisest move.

When it's all said and done, the Galaxy Alpha may simply become a slightly fancier-looking device for a limited market (like Korea) with enough hardware to satisfy the needs of most users. OK, Samsung. We're ready for your next move.