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New Pokemon Go dating app brings new meaning to 'catch 'em all'

Swipe right and you have a chance to catch a lot more than just little critters.

PokeMatch enables you to catch a lot more than Pokemon.
Screenshot by Dong Ngo

Pokemon can now help you catch your next date.

PokeMatch, an app available on Android and iOS, allows you to "find dates for Pokemon Go" or just dates, period. First you need to register and create an account, which entails stating your age (no worries, no verification required), saying something about yourself (relating to Pokemon Go or not), and indicating who you're into (men, women and so on). After that you can swipe left to browse among existing members. When you see someone you're interested in, swipe right to "catch." If that person catches you too, you have a match and can start a conversation.

It is not the first "Pokelove" service available online. Another dating site called PokeDates matches you with other Pokemon lovers for $20 a date. PokeMatch on the other hand is a free app and works just like Tinder. And you don't need to have Pokemon Go installed on your phone to play PokeMatch.

But chances are, you already do have Pokemon Go installed. The hit game zoomed to 25 million active users in the US in mid-July. Part of the appeal is its inherent socializing qualities, as it entices players outside to find Pokemon themselves and locales for competing or hanging out with others, strangers and friends alike.

PokeMatch seems to have been a hit since its launch on Thursday. According to the app's creator, more than 10,000 matches have been made so far. It's unclear how many of those have actually played Pokemon Go together, however.