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New photos of AT&T's next Android handset arrive

Judging by the polished look of the device, AT&T's next Android phone should be arriving shortly.

Motorola Chindi

Gizmodo has acquired a few new pictures of the unique, square-shaped Motorola handset that first popped up back in April. Although the details are light, this time around we're getting a glimpse of where the phone will land. If the images are to believed, the tiny MotoBlur smartphone will debut with AT&T in the near future.

Motorola announced a European variant of this phone back in June under the name Flipout. If you'll recall, the phonemaker has a history of releasing the same phone with different names, depending on the carrier. For instance, the Cliq is known as the Dext outside on the United States while the Cliq XT carries the moniker of Quench overseas. From the photo of the back of the Moto phone, we can see that it will have a 3-megapixel camera, which matches also matches up with the Flipout.

According to Gizmodo, the U.S. model carries a codename of Chindi, although I am not sold on it. I recently spent some time digging around the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's Web site and found a few more likely names like Cartwheel and Headspin. To me, both sound better and are more in line with other Motorola products. Gizmodo is pegging the phone as a slider, but to be more precise, the Flipout has more of a swivel motion.

Assuming this phone ends up an AT&T branded Flipout, we can look forward to Android 2.1 with seven customizable home screens, live wallpapers, and Flash lite support for the Web browser. I'm guessing that the color (Saffron) shown in the recent pictures is just one of a handful of options. The European counterpart is also available in Licorice, Fairway Green, Raspberry Crush, Brilliant Blue, Poppy Red, and White. At this point, the phone looks like a finished product that is ready for an announcement. I'd be on the lookout for Motorola or AT&T do something before too long.