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New Nexus 7 could pop up at your local Best Buy today

The latest Nexus is available at some BB stores ahead of its official July 30 due date.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Consumers should be able to snag the new Nexus 7 from Best Buy stores starting today.

A spokesperson for the electronics retailer told CNET that the new Nexus 7 is now available at Best Buy, both online and at retail stores. Initially, the tablet wasn't scheduled to start selling until Tuesday, July 30.

Online preorders for the Nexus 7, which kicked off yesterday, also show today as a pickup date for a wide number of stores. To check this out yourself, open the Best Buy product page for the Nexus 7, either the 16GB or 32GB edition. Click on the link to Check Stores. Enter your zip code or city and state and then click Search. A number of stores should appear with July 26 listed as the in-store pickup date.

A salesperson at a nearby Best Buy store told me that the 16GB model is in stock, with plenty of units available. Still, buyers eager to grab the new Nexus should first call their local Best Buy outlet to see if it's available in their desired capacity.

Shoppers will also find the new Nexus 7 through Amazon, as noted by The Verge. The retail giant promises an arrival date of Monday, July 29, if ordered by the end of Saturday via one-day shipping.

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