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New iPhone reportedly won't get 4G

If you're looking for LTE or WiMax in your new iPhone, you're apparently going to be disappointed.

Apple's new iPhone apparently won't be paired with a speedier next-generation wireless network.

Just like the iPhone 4, the next version of the handset reportedly will not offer 4G.
Just like the iPhone 4, the next version of the handset reportedly will not offer 4G. Apple

The upcoming smartphone won't have access to the Long-Term Evolution or WiMax 4G networks that are available in the U.S., according to the Dow Jones Newswires. That will likely come as a disappointment to many who were hoping that the device would wed Apple's software and experience with a much faster data connection.

Apple plans to unveil the device at 10 a.m. PT today.

That the iPhone will run on 3G speeds only isn't a huge surprise. Tim Cook, Apple's new CEO, said earlier this year that the integration of LTE technology would require too many compromises for now--including a larger battery drain and the need for a bigger case--and that Apple would look to it in future iterations. WiMax, meanwhile, is a niche technology that even Sprint Nextel is moving away from, so it wouldn't make sense for Apple to invest in it now.

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Still, a rumor floated by BGR said that the next iPhone 5 would be an exclusive to Sprint and run on the WiMax network.

The iPhone is expected to run on AT&T's HSPA+ network, which the carrier has taken to calling 4G, even though the speeds aren't comparable to LTE.

Sprint has sold phones running on WiMax for more than a year now, while Verizon Wireless began selling its own LTE phone early this year. AT&T recently launched its LTE network in five cities.