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New iPad will have iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner, pic hints

Rumours that the new iPad will feature Apple's 'print scanning tech are gathering pace.

The new iPad will play host to the iPhone 5S' fingerprint scanner, a freshly leaked picture suggests.

The above snap, which surfaced on Chinese site CtechCN, appears to show an iPad that features Apple's 'print-scanning home button -- easily distinguishable from a regular home button by the missing square in the middle.

To our eyes, the dimensions suggest that the iPad in the pic above is a full-size version, rather than the mini -- though it's entirely possible that both will be anointed with Apple's Touch ID tech before long.

The image is obviously very blurry, and could easily be a fake, so Doctor CNET is prescribing that this particular shot of tech gossip be taken with a pinch of salt.

That said, Apple has a history of bringing iPhone tech to the iPad, and leaked casing pictures suggest that both the upcoming full-size iPad and iPad mini 2 will come in the iPhone 5S' silver and 'space grey' colour options.

Perhaps Apple will keep Touch ID away from the mini, but bring it to the larger iPad, as a way to reward shoppers who splash out on the bigger, pricier tablet.

Apple traditionally reveals new versions of its popular tablets in the autumn. Last year's event was on 23 October, so it's entirely likely we'll see several brand-new Apple tablets in the coming weeks.

What are you hoping to see? And what do you make of the blurry snap above? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.