New iPad: Smaller, thinner, lighter?

A new video shows what appears to be an iPad 5 casing, one that keeps the same screen size but shrinks the bezel.

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
The rumored iPad 5 (right) will be 1.5 centimeters narrower than the current model.
The rumored iPad 5 (right) will be 1.5 centimeters narrower than the current model. Unbox Therapy

With all the hubbub over next week's iPhone event, let's not forget that Apple is also due for an iPad refresh, something that may happen sooner than you think.

Indeed, a new video from Unbox Therapy shows a very convincing-looking iPad 5 shell, one that's noticeably narrower than its predecessor -- but still allows for the current 9.7-inch screen. Take a look:

Assuming this video is real, the iPad 5 clearly takes some design cues from the iPad Mini, with much more rounded edges and corners, separated volume buttons, and a thinner overall design.

But the big change here appears to be the width: this casing measures 17 centimeters (6.7 inches) across, versus 18.5cm (7.3 inches) on the current-generation iPad. Also, if you skip to around the 1-minute mark in the video, the new case definitely looks a bit thinner, though the narrator had a hard time gauging any actual thickness using just a tape measure. Plus, it's hard to tell for sure without the glass in place.

In any case, it appears that the next iPad will slim down without losing any screen real estate. Whether Apple has any actual new features up its sleeve remains to be seen. Obviously we'll continue to share new rumors and developments as they appear.

And speaking of rumors, Unbox Therapy also teases a scoop about the iPad Mini 2, so stay tuned for that video.