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New iPad Air is half the weight of the current model

Half the weight of the current model, the new iPad Air is floating your way on 1 November.

The new iPad has a new name. Half the weight of the current model, the iPad Air is floating your way in white or grey on 1 November.

The UK release date is the same as most of the rest of the world, ten days from now -- to decide if you want one, click here for the iPad Air UK prices and release date.

The iPad Air boasts a 9.7-inch high-resolution Retina Display screen, with an Apple A7 with M7 motion coprocessor. That's the same 64-bit processor as the iPhone 5S, incidentally.

The bezel at the side is almost half the width of the current version. And the tablet is 7.5mm thin, slimmed down from the current model's belt-bursting 9.4mm. And it weighs 1lb -- half the weight of the current model.

Also inside is expanded 4G LTE support and MIMO technology.  

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