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New iMacs ready to entertain

New iMacs ready to entertain

Apple's Store is back online, and on it you'll find all the info on the new iMac G5s. Apple's Web site has a complete spec rundown, but here's the salient info:

• Two new models are available for purchase today (if you can get Apple's Store page to load).

• Old iMacs are gone, replaced by a 17-inch model for $1,299 and a 20-incher for $1,699.

• There's a 1.9GHz PowerPC G5 CPU on the 17-inch model, 2.1GHz on the 20-inch.

• They have PCI Express graphics chips: 128MB ATI Radeon X600 Pro on the 17-inch, 128MB ATI Radeon XT on the 20-inch.

• There's a built-in iSight camera.

• New Front Row software provides a Media Center-esque front end for photos, music, videos, and DVDs.

• The included six-button remote control works with Front Row from a distance.

• The Apple Mighty Mouse comes standard.

Since the newly announced and already downloadable iTunes 6 lets you download video content for $1.99 a pop, it's eminently clear that video is the new keyword for Apple and that the company is gunning for Microsoft and the rest of the home-theater PC world. Just be sure if you do purchase a new iMac that you throw in Apple's video adapter, because despite the new features, there's no integrated video output to connect to a larger display.