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New Google Nexus 10 made by LG, says leak

Is this our first look at the Google Nexus 10, all set to challenge the new iPad Air?

Google's new Nexus 10 could be arriving soon, as a new tip-off from Twitter-based uberleakster @evleaks suggests LG is building the new tablet.

LG V510 is the device's manufacturing codename, apparently, with @evleaks getting his hands on what looks like an entry from a supply chain database.

The Nexus 10 is the last Google-branded device to be refreshed this year, with the new Nexus 7 winning plaudits for its hi-res screen and the Nexus 5 replacing the Nexus 4.

The image above (right) is a supposed promotional image of the new 10-inch Android tablet, next to the old curvier Nexus 10 on the left. It looks rather more grown-up than the previous 10's Hudl-like stylings.

A previous rumour indicated that Asus would be building the new Nexus 10. Asus built the classy new Nexus 7, while Korean rival LG was responsible for the wondrous Nexus 5.

Google's own-brand devices have proven popular with Android enthusiasts, with a blend of top-notch hardware, reasonable prices and cutting-edge Android software. The Nexus 5 heralded the launch of the latest confectionery-themed release, Android 4.4 KitKat.

Are you hanging on for a new Nexus 10 before Christmas? What specs would you like to see? Describe your dream device down in the comments, or over on our own-brand Facebook page.