Google Glass designs by Diane von Furstenberg now on sale

The high-fashion frames aim to bring some geek chic to Google Glass and cost about $1,500.

Ben Fox Rubin Former senior reporter
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Ben Fox Rubin
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Part of the DVF|Made for Glass collection. Google

Google's new high-fashion line of Glass wearables went on sale for the first time Monday, giving anyone with about $1,500 lying around a chance to own the digital headsets.

The line, created in collaboration with American fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg, was first introduced earlier this month as a way to bring a certain level of chic to the product and make the headsets more approachable to a broader audience.

Google has been slowly opening up sales of its wearable devices to the general public, first offering them by invitation only, then unveiling one-day sales to anyone interested. The devices are now available at both the Google Glass storefront, as well as at online luxury retailer Net-A-Porter and its men's site, Mr Porter. The price ranges from $1,500 to $1,800, depending on site and frames selected. The DVF|Made for Glass line includes five new frames and eight new shades.

Google Glass has successfully captured the attention of the tech world, but Google will be hoping to broaden the appeal of its wearable device beyond early adopters and gadget enthusiasts. While the hardware is still too costly for many consumers, Google could drop the price once it starts shipping more units. Higher production volumes will likely help cut down on component costs.

Glass, which has faced privacy concerns from elected officials and the general public, is among a bevy of new wearable devices coming out from tech companies looking for the next big thing, with the likes of Samsung, Pebble, and Sony developing smartwatches as well.