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New gold iPhone 5S photos emerge as launch date approaches

New shots of what look very much like Apple's next gold-coloured iPhone have cropped up online again.

Want your new iPhone 5S in gold, champagne, metallic off-white or dirty silver? Whatever it's eventually called, it seems that third colour is on the cards, with the leaks continuing as the expected launch event closes in.

The latest shots of the gold iPhone 5S. What do you think? (Credit: App Advice)

Many pictures have emerged across the web in recent days of a new "gold" third colour option for the iPhone 5S, and today is no exception. App Advice has a wealth of new shots of the gold model sitting next to the black (or slate, if you prefer) model.

Lighting may be a factor, but this new colour isn't looking quite as golden as some other pictures have suggested.

The leak is yet another in a now lengthy series ahead of the much-rumoured iPhone event on 10 September (early morning 11 September, Australian time). Alongside the iPhone 5S leaks have been a wide range of leaks concerning more vibrantly coloured plastic-cased models, rumoured to be named the iPhone 5C.