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New Facebook Home ad stars Zuckerberg and yelling goats

A new ad for Facebook Home stars the social network's previously camera-shy founder Mark Zuckerberg -- and some yelling goats.

A new ad for Facebook Home stars the social network's previously camera-shy founder Mark Zuckerberg. But it's not a stilted, dry talk about the merits of Home. Or rather it is, but one employee zones out, using the home screen replacement to see what his mates are up to.

And they're having way more fun, racing quad bikes, playing racketball, having pool parties -- why aren't my friends this interesting? The goats that yell like humans even make an appearance, upstaging Zuck himself. No one can hold a candle to those goats.

I think Zuck comes out of it well, not taking himself too seriously. And it's quite honest of Facebook to own up to the fact most people are using it at work. It echoes the previous ad for Home, which saw a man on a plane bombarded by friends' updates, but Zuck's appearance is the real headline news. Maybe we'll see him play a bigger part in Facebook's marketing in the future.

Facebook has taken a scattergun approach to marketing Home. Its previous ad used the same gimmick of status updates made real, but less successfully, in my opinion. Another Home spot was a more traditional tech company ad, showing how Home could bring people together, complete with Apple-esque music. Personally, I think Zuckerberg and yelling goats is the way to go -- we all know how much he loves goats.

This latest ad was filmed on location at Facebook's headquarters in Menlo Park, California. It's quite an industrial look for an office. Everyone in it is actually on the product team too, so it's not just Zuck making an appearance.

What do you think of Facebook Home? It's up for download now on Google Play if you're yet to try, but you'll need Android Jelly Bean to use it. Let me know what you reckon in the comments below, or on our Facebook page, naturally.