New Emoji Candidates Up for Approval Soon: Jellyfish, Goose, Turquoise Heart and More

Emoji 15.0 could hit your phone this fall. Here's what to know.

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Nina Raemont
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Various proposed emojis, including moose, maracas and ginger, for the Emoji 15.0 Update

We could see the final versions of these emoji and more on our devices by 2023. 

Emojipedia; screenshot by Nina Raemont/CNET

A goose, moose, jellyfish, turquoise heart, head shake and pair of maracas are among the new emoji that could be on their way to your phone. The Emoji 15.0 update includes all those candidates and more, and it could be hitting devices as soon as this fall.

Earlier this summer, emoji reference website Emojipedia published sample designs for each emoji candidate that Unicode, the global standard for messaging, could approve for widespread use in September. (Here's what they look like.) 

Not all the candidates are guaranteed to be approved by Unicode. If they are, they may have a slightly different look once Apple and Google add them to their platforms, Emojipedia's Keith Broni wrote in a blog post. Most of the emoji candidates in recent years have made the final update lists, Broni added.

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Once Unicode finalizes the list in September, it may still take a while for the new emoji to be rolled out to devices. Emojipedia released a tentative schedule for the rollout:

  • September: The final version of Emoji could be released.
  • October to December: Google and Android could start supporting the new emoji. 
  • January to October 2023: The majority of platforms will add support for the emoji, including Twitter, Facebook, Apple and Samsung.

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