Meet the 67 emoji candidates for 2018 (yes, there's more poop)

Highlights include a kangaroo, salt shaker, cupcake and... sad poop.

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Gordon Gottsegen

This is exactly how I feel about the new emojis.

Tayfun Karadeniz via Emojipedia

You can never have too many emojis.

Unicode's president and co-founder Mark Davis announced that 67 new emojis have been marked as "draft candidates" for 2018. This means that they will be voted on in the upcoming months with final candidates included in the Unicode 11.0 launch June 2018. 

The emoji candidates come in a wide array. You've got your variations on the classic yellow smiley; then there's animals, food, hair styles and random objects. Several possible emojis include:


According to emojis, poop has feelings, too.

  • hot and cold faces (perfect for griping about the weather)
  • bagel (for strictly bagel-related texts and not some new sexual innuendo)
  • sad version of the poop emoji (for when you poop, but you also suffer from existential anguish)
  • lobster (for when you find the Rachel to your Ross soulmate)
  • llama (because llama)

For a PDF of the full list click here.

There's no denying that emojis have weaseled their way into the cultural zeitgeist, changing the way many people text and message one another online. If you need any proof, "The Emoji Movie" somehow made $25.7 million in its opening weekend and who could forget about Hillary Clinton's student loan tweet?

Whether you love emojis or hate them, more are on the way. And maybe you can use them to express how you feel about it.