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New AT&T features coming to iPhone?

Anonymous source claims iPhone specific enhancements coming to AT&T soon.

An AppleInsider report cites an anonymous tip claiming Apple and AT&T may be working on two enhancements for the iPhone specific to AT&T's network:

  • Overage alerts would notify users via push notification badges, messages, or sounds when they approach their monthly anytime minutes limit.
  • New voice mail options would let users disable the custom voice mail greeting (including AT&T's standard voice mail introduction) and allow them to skip greetings (standard or otherwise) or other automated instructions when calling other AT&T customers.

Unfortunately, the tipster mentioned no warnings from AT&T for overages in other services such as text messaging, international calling, or international data plans. The voice mail options sound like AT&T's answer to David Pogue's Take Back the Beep Campaign.

Would you find these enhancements useful? Would additional warnings for international calling plans help prevent overages that are known to get rather expensive? Let us know in the comments.