New adapter tech gives mobile gaming a desktop-style edge

The Keymander 2 Mobile wants to be the boost that mobile gaming needs to compete with consoles.

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Shelby Brown
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The KeyMander 2 seeks to ramp up mobile gaming by giving players more control.


Mobile gaming through platforms like Apple Arcade and Google Stadia has been slow to compete with traditional consoles like the Playstation 5 and the Xbox Series X. But a new keyboard and mouse adaptor from Kaliber Gaming and IOGEAR aim to change that. 

The KeyMander 2 Mobile is a keyboard and mouse adapter for mobile devices like the iPhone , iPad and Apple TV on services like Apple Arcade, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, GeForce Now and Google Stadia. Players can customize it to work with over 1,000 mobile and cloud-based titles. The game itself doesn't need to support controllers, either. 

The Keymander 2 adapter gives mobile gamers more control during play, according to the company. Gamers can swap between their mouse, keyboard or controller with ease while creating one-touch button combos through a mobile app. The device's Bluetooth programming allows for quick adjustments and also includes upgradable firmware. 


The KeyMander 2 lets you create a more console-style gaming setup for mobile.


With the Keymander 2, desktop and console accuracy in games like Call of Duty Mobile, Doom II, Fortnite , Minecraft and Roblox becomes more achievable for mobile gamers. In addition, players can use AirPlay to cast their game to a bigger screen. The adapter also works with iOS Xbox or PlayStation Remote Play app.

The adapter works like a charging dock, and gamers can attach their phone or iPad directly to begin gaming. The adapter also works with Xbox One and PS4 dualshock controllers. 

Kaliber Gaming says the Keymander 2 works best for first-person shooters, RPGs and real-time strategy games. The adapter costs $90 at  Amazon , B&H Photo Video and other retailers in the US and Canada. The company is planning a global rollout this year. 

Here's a look at how the adapter works: 

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