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Networking vendors go to market

Networking vendors introduce new low-end gear that just might be the perfect gift to put under a network manager's tree.

Networking vendors introduced new low-end gear today that just might be the perfect gift to put under a network manager's tree.

3Com (COMS), Madge Networks (MADGF), and Farallon Communications (FRLN) all introduced new gear for expanding networks. Announcements from the companies include the following:

  • A new managed SuperStack II Port Switch Hub 10 from 3Com for shared Ethernet-based networks that offers network connectivity for as little as $55 per port. The new model is stackable up to 260 managed ports, includes network segment partitioning technology for a single hub, and boasts a variety of management applications from 3Com's Transcend network management products. The new hub is available now with prices starting at $759 for a 12-port model and $1,339 for a 24-port model.

  • Two new Fast Ethernet modules for Madge's LANswitch hub that connect the boxes to each other, Madge's workgroup switches, or servers and workstations. The LEB-200 backbone module includes redundancy features for continuous operation and is available now, priced at $3,995. The LFE-4004 can expand the number of ports on a LANswitch to 64 Fast Ethernet connections per switch. The LFE-4004 will be available in January and is priced at $3,995.

  • Two new small office Netopia Internet routers from Farallon Communications that provide ease-of-use features to get small companies on the Web. The routers include a security feature that can map multiple Internet addresses from one link to an Internet service provider, allowing for significant savings on monthly access charges. The new 435 and 635 models also include a Web-based configuration interface for easy set up. The 635 model for Internet Protocol (IP) and IPX routing and 435 model for IP, IPX, and AppleTalk routing will be available later this month. The 635 will cost $849 and the 435 model is $1099.