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Networking powerhouse is born

The networking industry takes another turn toward consolidation--and a Lucent-Cisco clash--with the $20 billion merger of Lucent and Ascend.

The networking industry takes another turn toward consolidation with the $20 billion merger of Lucent Technologies and Ascend Communications. The move represents yet another tectonic shift in the landscape of companies that provide equipment for the Internet and telecommunications carriers.

Deal combines Net, phone power
news analysis With Ascend, Lucent become both as a provider of equipment for traditional telephone companies--its bread-and-butter market--and for Internet service providers.

Ascend shareholders sue to block merger
Shareholders of Ascend file four lawsuits seeking to block the company's proposed merger with Lucent Technologies.

Lucent, Ascend in $20 billion merger
update Lucent announces plans to merge with high-end data provider Ascend in a deal worth close to $20 billion, making it the largest such deal in the history of the networking industry.

Lucent makes foray into Spain
The company will buy 12.2 percent of Spain's Amper for $49 million, starting a major alliance for telecommunications in that country.

Phone-equipment makers ride merger wave
update Shares of Ciena, Advanced Fibre Communications, Tellabs, and others jump amid continued speculation they could be takeover targets for Cisco Systems.

Lucent to buy Kenan Systems
Lucent Technologies says it will acquire privately held Kenan Systems in a stock deal worth about $1.48 billion.

A history of change in networking industry
timeline The $20 billion merger of Lucent and Ascend highlights the latest wave of consolidation in the networking industry.