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Net access travels to Asia

i-Pass, which gives travelers Net access when they are outside their ISP areas, announces ten Asian affiliates.

i-Pass Alliance, a start-up that gives travelers Net access when they're outside their Internet service provider area, today announced ten new affiliates in Asia.

i-Pass's Global Internet Roaming service has added Hong Kong Telecom, Hong Kong Supernet, i-Wave Limited of Hong Kong, Singapore's Pacific Internet, Pinter Indonesia, Japan's Asahi OfficeExpress-Gunma Internet, Australia's OzEmail, Voyager New Zealand, WebQuest Internet Service of the Philippines, and China's Karsing Online Service.

The new i-Pass affiliates add more than 60 Internet access points in the Asia-Pacific region, boosting the number of points of presence to 125 in 20 countries there. Worldwide, I-Pass members can log on to the Net through more than 1,000 points of presence in more than 150 countries, according to the company.

Links to ISPs that are part of the i-Pass Alliance can be found at the company's Web site. Among the carriers providing Internet access to i-Pass members are BBN, UUNet Technologies, and Equant, which has Internet access points at major airports worldwide.

Participating ISPs provide their customers with i-Pass software for dial-up access to the worldwide roaming network while using their own Web browsers, email, and passwords. Users generally pay an annual or monthly fee plus between 5 cents per minute domestically and 5 to 25 cents internationally when they use the service.

i-Pass has received venture funding from Accel Partners, Crosspoint Ventures, and Asia Pacific Ventures.