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Nerf Infinite Lets You Reload Your Blaster While Firing Away

The $40 flagship blaster arrives alongside a redesigned dart that Nerf says is its biggest change in 10 years.

Mike Sorrentino Senior Editor
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Mike Sorrentino
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The Nerf Infinite blaster.

The Nerf Infinite blaster allows darts to be reloaded directly into the belt while in the middle of a battle.


The new $40 Nerf Infinite blaster, announced Thursday as part of Nerf's new N series of products, highlights two milestones for Hasbro's dart-firing toy brand. The highlight feature for the blaster itself is that it's able to be reloaded while in the middle of a Nerf battle, hence the blaster's infinite name. But the blaster also lands alongside Nerf's new N1 darts, which it says is the brand's biggest reinvention of the foam dart in 10 years.

Darts can be loaded directly onto this blaster's belt.


The Infinite blaster releases in July and is meant for ages 8 and above. It's spring-loaded, and its belt can hold up to 40 darts. The belt remains open for adding additional darts while firing, and the package includes a total of 80 darts to help accomplish this instant reload. For Nerf battles that are on the go, the blaster itself also includes storage for 16 darts. 

For longtime Nerf fans though, it's important to note that the N1 darts are a new design; therefore the new N series isn't compatible with earlier Nerf darts nor darts purchased from third-party companies. Nerf does say that the N1 darts benefit from a design that enhances accuracy and speed compared to its earlier darts, but it's also a clean break from the hundreds of foam darts that a diehard fan might already have. Initially the N1 darts themselves will sell in a pack of 20 for $5 or a pack of 10 for $3. Comparably though, a pack of third-party darts that power Nerf's Elite blasters cost $9 for 100.

Nerf Infinite box

The belt can be detached from the blaster as a reload option, in addition to reloading directly onto the blaster's belt.


The Infinite is the flagship blaster of Nerf's N Series, with other blasters costing between $5 and $25, ranging from the two-dart Ward up to the three-blaster Gear Up pack. While the Infinite will debut next month, the rest of the N series blasters will start hitting stores earlier by the end of June.