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Need to delete drunk tweets and status updates? There's an iPhone app for that

Forget the walk of shame, how about the wall of shame? As in your Facebook wall, the morning after you arrived home tipsy and posted inappropriate status updates. Here's an app to help.

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The walk of shame home after a big night out is one thing, but how about the wall of shame? Your Facebook wall, the morning after you got home tipsy and posted inappropriate status updates. Not to mention that succession of drunken tweets published before you fell asleep in a heap at 3am. Thankfully, someone's made an iPhone app to deal with the aftermath.

It's called Last Night Never Happened (LNNH for short), and styles itself as "the world's first morning-after app". The aim is to whip down your embarrassing updates and rambling tweets before they get a chance to spread across the Internet (or worse, be seen by your mum).

"Simply choose which social networks to log into (Facebook/Twitter), set the dial to the number of hours back that you'd like to delete, and the app will show you in real time exactly how many items you posted during that time," explains its App Store listing. "Once you hit the 'Last Night Never Happened' button and confirm, they'll be gone forever within seconds!"

You can even choose to replace your deleted posts with a personalised message -- quite possibly an apology for your misdeeds. The app is the work of developers 22seeds and So Soho Holdings, and is a nifty idea, at least for anyone who regularly risks their dignity with late-night social-networking foolishness.

Will it save you from drink-related shame? Clearly not. You can scrub your Facebook wall clean of incriminating content (and comments), but if your early-hours witterings have spread, there's nothing you can do to take down those retweets by other people.

Meanwhile, LNNH can't do anything about drunken emails, texts to exes, or your decision to strut down the high street naked, weeping and bellowing the Bodyform song. Technology has its limits, after all.

Last Night Never Happened costs £1.19 on the App Store, and is available now.