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My Favorite MagSafe Accessory Is on Sale For Black Friday, But There's a Catch

I'm a fan of Clckr's newest Stand and Grip accessory, which is 20% off for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But you have to buy two to get a deal.

David Carnoy Executive Editor / Reviews
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David Carnoy
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Clckr is having a Black Friday sale that runs through Nov. 28, and one of my favorite MagSafe accessories, Clckr's new, trimmer Stand and Grip, is on sale for $24 or 20% off its list price of $30. But here's the catch: Clckr offers free shipping on orders over $25, which basically wipes out your $6 savings (shipping is $5). The solution: Buy a second Stand and Grip or another Clckr accessory to bring your total over $25. The discount is automatically added at checkout.

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I think it's pretty cynical when companies run sales that bring the discounted price below the free shipping price, but in this case, buying a second Stand and Grip for a friend or family member may actually be a good idea. It makes for an appealing gift item for anyone who has an iPhone with MagSafe or a MagSafe-enabled case. The accessory really sticks to the back of your phone and not only makes it easier to hold up your phone but when converted into a kickstand, it props up your device nicely in portrait or landscape mode for video calls or video watching. 

This new version is lighter than the original. As with all MagSafe accessories, they're easy to remove from your phone since they adhere magnetically.

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