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Muve Music dances its way into the Huawei Ascend II

Cricket Wireless' unlimited download music service makes its appearance on another phone.

Muve Music, a music service from Cricket Wireless that impressed us so much that it earned a Best of CES nomination last year, is coming to the Huawei Ascend II.

Muve Music is now available on the Huawei Ascend II. Cricket Wireless

Muve Music lets you search through thousands of artists and albums available on major U.S. record labels. You can download an unlimited number of songs onto your device for playback, and you can make ringtones as well.

The service also includes a DJ feature that lets you listen to ready-made playlists organized by your favorite music genres, Shazam integration, and a social networking arm that let's you "shout out" the current music you're digging to your friends on the Muve Music network.

All songs are free with your wireless plan, and can be stored on any phone that supports Muve Music, such as the ZTE Score, the ZTE Chorus, and the Samsung Suede SCH-R710.

Unfortunately, whatever music you download cannot be transferred to any other device, so it's pretty much limited to your phone. Also, once you stop paying your phone bill or cancel your plan with Cricket Wireless, you can't access any of your songs.

Right now, the no-contract, prepaid phone is on sale for $99.99 at Cricket Wireless. It's only being shipped to certain cities, so be sure to check if it is available where you are.