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Must-see videos of Mobile World Congress 2016

Missed out on all the cool tech that was announced in Barcelona? We've got you covered.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Our kick-ass team in Barcelona survived another year at Mobile World Congress, and we have the lowdown on all the new tech you might've missed out on during the week.

Samsung's new phones give the people what they want

The new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge feature expandable storage and a water-resistant casing. I'd like to see an iPhone do that. No really, I would.

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Who needs reaction gifs when we have these guys?

See what our editors had to say about the Galaxy S7 and Edge.

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This toothbrush seems thinks we need to keep score on how well we're brushing our teeth

Maybe I just won't brush my teeth from now on! What do you think of that, Mr...brush...

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A heat-sensing smartphone

This CAT smartphone has a thermal imaging camera built-in, made by Flir.

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A real life modular phone by LG

You'll be able to customize the LG G5 with different parts, like Mr. Potato Head.

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Trying to choose between the S7 (or Edge) and the G5?

The two biggest phones at MWC go head-to-head.

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If you love tech inspired by 80s B-movie sci-fi, we've got just the thing

This smartphone gauntlet looks like a cool idea, but would you actually wear one?

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Is 15 seconds enough time to pitch your idea? Only if you're presenting to us!

We give these poor people only 15 seconds to pitch us their ideas. One guy does it in three.

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This pair of smart shoes is your new personal trainer

They probably don't want to hear about your personal problems either.

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You can finally replace your car keys with your phone

Everyone's been asking for this, right? No? No one wants to do this? Hey, come back!

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We make it look easy, but covering a show like MWC can be hard work. Here's how we survived

Many MWC rules were broken in the making of this video.

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