Multiple LG smartphones could be right around the corner

LG appears to have numerous KitKat-powered devices in the works.

Scott Webster
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Scott Webster
LG may soon introduce a successor to the Optimus G Pro. CBS Interactive

A handful of smartphones discovered on benchmark site HTML5Test suggests that LG could soon debut a new round of devices. Although the scores reveal little about each particular model, all were found to be running Android 4.4 KitKat.

While there aren't many smartphones running the latest version of Android today, things should certainly change in the coming weeks. The annual Mobile World Congress takes place next month and LG has traditionally used the conference to debut multiple products. Given the newly discovered model numbers (LG-D830, LS740, LG-D410, LG-D320, LG-MS323), I expect to hear plenty of noise from LG's handset wing again this year.

One particular model that's worth keeping a close eye on is the LG-D830. Rumors back in November had the device listed as featuring a 1080p HD display and LTE support. Chatter from this week also pegs the smartphone with a 13-megapixel rear camera with 4K video capture and slow-motion playback. And, given the model number is not all that far removed from the G2 (LG D802) and Nexus 5 (LF D820) it's a good guess this mystery will be a new flagship device. Perhaps it's even an Optimus G Pro 2.