MoviePass' new 3 movies per month for $10 plan is live

Unless MoviePass has changed its plans again.

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Mike Sorrentino
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A MoviePass membership will now include three movies per month.


A MoviePass membership is like a roller coaster ride that's sometimes full of movies and other times strangely missing them. The service Wednesday has launched its new plan, which the company hopes will help keep MoviePass alive while cutting costs.

MoviePass members who are either signing up or staying on with the service will now have three movies included in their membership per month for the same $10 per month fee. After those three, customers will receive a discount ranging between $2 to $5 per film, depending on a customer's location and the film they are planning to see.

Anyone who was previously paying $8 per month for three movies will see their monthly rate increase to $10, while customers who bought a year of the service will continue to have the terms they originally signed up for until their next billing date.

MoviePass has been confusing its customers for weeks, with CEO Mitch Lowe apologizing to customers in July for outages that occurred after the company temporarily ran out of money. The service also briefly introduced a $15 plan before deciding to instead limit the number of movies a customer could see rather than raise prices. The new plan will also suspend peak pricing and ticket verification, which respectively added a surcharge of $2 to $8 for a popular film and required customers to send a photo of their ticket stub to combat abuse of the service.

Customers attempting to leave the service before the changeover have been reporting difficulty doing so, with MoviePass stating Tuesday that the issue is a bug that has since been fixed.

Despite its challenges, MoviePass is still a great deal for many customers, who might still come out ahead of the monthly fee simply by seeing one 2D film a month. But the company's growing pains come just as competitors like Sinemia, AMC A-List, Movie Club and an upcoming entry from Alamo Drafthouse are also looking to provide a subscription model for moviegoers.

Are you sticking with the new MoviePass? Drop some popcorn, and your thoughts, in the comments.

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