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Motorola 'X' phone purportedly snapped in new leaked pic

A new photo leaked online points to a great big smart phone, and suggests the mysterious mobile will be 4G-capable.

Luke Westaway Senior editor
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Luke Westaway
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Motorola's rumoured 'X' phone may be ready to show its face, as the long-anticipated smart mobile has supposedly been snapped in a new leaked picture.

The photo above surfaced at Phone Arena, which cites a mysterious source who reckons it shows Motorola's next mobile.

Details are thin on the ground, but from the picture we can glean that the mystical mobile will be 4G-capable, while Phone Arena says it'll feature a removable battery and 16GB of on-board storage. Android 4.2.2, meanwhile, is reckoned to be powering the whole shebang.

The phone is supposedly being tested on US network Sprint, which could mean that Motorola's latest won't make it to the UK, where we use different spectrum bands for 4G, and require different radios in our smart mobiles.

Previous leaks tip the Moto X to arrive touting a 720p display and a 1.7GHz dual-core processor, as well as a 10-megapixel camera.

Those specs aren't particularly mind-blowing, so we'll be looking for a host of intriguing software features. The X is said to play host to some intelligent apps, which fire up the camera automatically when you take it out of your pocket, for example.

It could also win our hearts and minds by coming with a dirt-cheap price -- a tactic that certainly worked for Google and LG's Nexus 4.

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