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Motorola W161 and W181: New flavours of boring

Motorola has announced the launch of two new candybar phones -- the W161 and the W181 -- both are equally as boring as each other

Motorola's new entrants into the mobile world today are somewhat forgettable, especially when stuck next to Nokia and Sony Ericsson's new handsets.

The first of two ultra-boring handsets is the W161 -- a non-colour screen-toting candybar phone. It's a budget handset admittedly, but it's hard to get even remotely excited. Features include a 128x128-pixel black and white display, FM radio, space for 60 (!?) text messages, 'office-quality' speakerphone and 20KB of internal memory. Oh, and USB 1.1 connectivity -- the standard replaced eight years ago. That said, it's only really for charging.

The second ultra-boring handset is essentially identical to the above, but it has a 65K colour screen, three games, a whole 70KB of internal memory, seven African languages for menu content (make of that what you will) and space for a more respectable 750 text messages.

Both should be available by May for what will hopefully be very little money. 

Goodbye, Moto. -Nate Lanxon