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Motorola Rokr EM30, EM28 and EM25: Rokr round the clock

Word on the street is that Motorola has three new Rokr music phones. By word, we do of course mean details, and by street we mean Crave

Motorola's Rokr E8 hit a bunch of nails squarely on the head earlier this year, at least when it came to specifying key features a music phone needs -- an end-mounted 3.5mm headphone socket, good sound quality and a decent amount of on-board memory.

So our attention was quickly turned to Moto when it announced its three latest Rokr handsets this week -- the EM30, EM28 and EM25, respectively rocking candybar, clamshell and slider form factors.

All three mobiles focus their attentions on music, with 3.5mm headphone sockets as standard on all models, support for MP3, WMA, AAC and WAV music files, microSD expansion and compatibility with stores such as Napster and 7digital.

We're waiting to hear back from Motorola with UK availability info, but we'll keep you posted. Naturally you can expect full reviews of every new model that makes it to the UK as soon as possible.

We've got a few photos for you to peer through in the meantime, so have a poke around the next few pages. And if you've not already checked out our review and video review of the Rokr E8, now would be a great time. -Nate Lanxon

The Rokr EM30 face-on.

Side-on you can see some dedicated volume buttons.

And like the candbar E8, the EM30 looks damn slim.

The Rokr EM28 opened up like an elderly oyster.

With the handset closed, you can see the secondary screen. Technology amazes: it's got a clock. Power.

Side-on it's not all that pretty, but it should at least be inexpensive.

Finally, on to the sliding EM25.

Look at it go!

That's a standard mini USB socket right there. Good going, Moto.

In our last shot of the day, here's the snazzy EM25 closed up.