Motorola releases Motodev kit for Android developers

Motorola launches its own suite of Android developer tools and programs called Motodev.

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Bonnie Cha

On Friday, Motorola launched a new program called Motodev, designed to give developers early access to tools and programs so they can get a head start on creating apps for the company's future Google Android devices.

Motodev consists of the App Accelerator Program and Motodev Studio for Android Beta. Through the Accelerator Program, select developers will be given access to tools, specs, and other resources, such as direct access to the company's developer support engineers via private discussion boards. In addition, they will also have exclusive prerelease access to Motorola's upcoming devices for testing and debugging.

Meanwhile, Motodev Studio for Android Beta is an Eclipse-based development environment that works with Google's software development kit. Motorola will make Motodev Studio publicly available and include resources, such as design and development tools, handset emulators, virtual testing labs, and more.

Finally, developers are encouraged to attend the Motodev Summit, which takes place on October 6 in San Diego, and gives developers an opportunity to meet each other and get advanced training; registration for the one-day event opens on August 12.

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