Motorola Razr V3im: Music makes me touch my phone

The Motorola V3im is not an elaborate Photoshop hoax, it's a real product. How do we know? We've just had one delivered to our door

Andrew Lim

We're happy to say that the mysterious new Motorola iTunes phone is no longer a mystery, thanks to Carphone Warehouse who sent it to us yesterday. Three days ago we were puzzled by the Motorola V3im's sudden appearance on the O2 Web site, not because we didn't know it existed, but because Motorola didn't do any singing or dancing about its release in the UK.

It might be because this isn't the most exciting phone in the world, and with phones like the SGH-P300 and LG Chocolate taking all the limelight, Motorola might be waiting for all the fanfare to die down. We're quite excited about this iTuned V3i though, and, as you can see, there's a nifty dedicated iTunes key that makes getting to your MP3s a cinch. If you're as interested as we are about this phone, here's a link to our short review of it.