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Motorola Motofone: Design meets simplicity

Hot on the heels of the Krzr, Rizr, V3xx and Maxx, Motorola has launched a slim phone with an electrophoretic display

Those cheeky chappies at Motorola launched yet another phone last night, just a few hours after announcing five new handsets. Even though it still looks like Motorola is having trouble spelling, this phone looks to be a diamond in the rough. Rather than having more features and a larger case this model goes back to basics, with a slim design and an affordable price tag. It looks similar to a Slvr L7 and is thought to be based on, or be part of, the rumoured Scpl range.

The Motofone uses electrophoretic display (EPD) technology similar to that used by Sony's reader, which will apparently be easier to see in bright light and consume less energy. We particularly like the new battery and signal strength gauges on the top left and right that are unlike any we've seen before. It also features voice prompts in local languages, automatic notification of current prepaid balance, speakerphone and polyphonic ringtones. It doesn't have a camera, but this will significantly reduce its price tag.

We've been waiting for a few months for Motorola to launch new and exciting phones and it seems it is doing exactly that. According to's sister site, Motorola could displace Nokia as the largest manufacturer of mobile handsets next year. With the launch of this entry-level handset, and the other five phones launched yesterday, we could well believe this. For more information visit the Motorola Web site -AL