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Moto Z2 Force might get the headphone jack back

Besides a rumored headphone jack, the successor to the Moto Z Force might not be a Verizon exclusive this time.

The headphone jack...has returned. See, it was gone on the Z and Z Force.
Sarah Tew/CNET

Lenovo is rumored to be working on the successors to last year's trio of Motorola Moto Z phones, and thanks to 3D renders courtesy of Android Authority and OnLeaks, we have an idea of what one of the handsets, the Moto Z Force, could possibly look like.

One notable feature is that the rendered Moto includes a headphone jack, which would be a welcome addition after it was left off of last year's original Moto Z and Moto Z Force. (They were omitted long before Apple stirred controversy by doing the same thing to its iPhone 7s.)

If Lenovo brings back the headphone jack, you can say goodbye to carrying around a dongle.

Sarah Tew/CNET

When the Moto Z phones debuted in 2016, they weren't just ordinary handsets. The phones revolved around their modular functionality and accessories known as Moto Mods. Despite other manufacturers are stepping away from modularity, Motorola has remained steadfast with its unique approach.

Reintroducing the headphone jack, however, may be a concession that it changed things up too quickly -- especially since carrying around a dongle for your headphones is inconvenient. And since the third Moto Z phone, the Moto Z Play, did include a jack, it's entirely possible Lenovo is open to leave it in this time around.

The rendered graphic also includes a dual-camera, while the original Z Force only included one. The camera bump and the Moto Mod pins though, are in the same place, so the phone should be expected to work with previous Moto Mods models in theory.

It has also been reported that the Moto Z2 Force won't be an exclusive to US carrier Verizon as its predecessor was. T-Mobile and others may sell the phone, according to mobile insider Evan Blass. Good news for anyone who missed out on the phone last year due to the lack of carrier support.

Motorola declined to comment on this story.