Motorola Moto G only £99, or less with your Tesco Clubcard

Tesco has refilled shelves with the Motorola Moto G, the 8GB model back on sale for a wallet-friendly £99.

Tesco has refilled shelves with the Motorola Moto G, back on sale for a wallet-friendly £99.

The 8GB version of the new Moto G is back in stock after selling out previously. The 16GB model is currently sold out, but would cost you just £120 if they had any.

Tesco is only selling the black version of the phone, and it's locked to Tesco Mobile. But one reason to buy from Tesco as opposed to anywhere else is that you can knock that already bargainous price down even further by employing your Clubcard points.

Tesco also offers triple credit on top-ups of £10, £15 and £20 each month.

The Moto G earned top marks in our review for its 4.5-inch 1,280x720 screen, excellent battery life and solid build. It runs Android 4.3, the latest-but-one version of Google's software -- and seeing as Google now owns Motorola, I'm hoping Google won't waste time in updating the phone to the cutting-edge Android 4.4 KitKat.

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